AnythingTicker + Launcher

Last Updated: May 15, 2010


AnythingTicker is designed to extract text from the internet and display it on your Today Screen using versatile user customizable parsing of web pages. It also features a customizable application launcher. Both are run by config files described in the readme below. You will get the basic versions installed which are the first two images above. Click here to get the config files that created the setup shown in the bottom two images. At a minimum, you will at least want to change the zip code found in AnythingTicker.txt to get the temp for your area.

View the Readme for more information.

This application requires the .NET CF Framework. which you should already have.

Download AnythingTicker

Always On - Keep the device on, screen off. Press up, then enter to leave with max brightness (still always on), down then enter to exit completely, just enter to exit with autobacklight. Designed for Touch Pro with auto sensor, may not be compatible with all devices.

CorePlayerSaveState - Saves the state of CorePlayer playlist and settings to use as a bookmarking feature (ie different movies) or a config feature (ie car mode, music mode, video mode).

Shopping - A shopping list similar to my iPhone version, very simple and efficient.