Slideshow Clock - iPod Nano 6th generation always on watch face

Last Updated: July 5, 2011


The Slideshow Clock is a set of images to be used as a slideshow on the iPod Nano. These images show the time accurately when the slideshow is started on the appropriate image for the current time. The Slideshow Clock provides functions not otherwise available to the iPod Nano. These include: Always on, never sleep, constant clock face display; digital display; custom display. These functions are primarily desired by those wishing to use the nano as a wrist watch.

To use the Slideshow Clock, make sure your slideshow settings are set to repeat, and 20 seconds display time. Then open Photos and select the image that corresponds to the current time and hit play. There are 3 images for each minute of the day since each only displays for 20 seconds.


  • Slideshow Clock 1 is a 1.18MB zip file, which expands to 15.9MB, but unfortunately iTunes "optimizes" it into 1.09GB. So you will probably not want many different watch face styles installed on your nano at a time.
  • Rapid battery drain. Suggestions: minimum brightness, use only during key geek moments, use while charging.
  • Accidentally touching the display stops the clock.
  • You have to "set" the clock every time you want to use it.

Download Slideshow Clock 1